400W iShoot Shining LCD400 OUTDOOR Portable Strobe Flash Light for Outdoor & Studio Shooting

400W iShoot Shining LCD400 OUTDOOR Portable Strobe Flash Light for Outdoor & Studio Shooting
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Shining LCD400 OUTDOOR High-power Portable Studio Flash Light
1. LCD digital panel displays status, non-polar switching regulates parameters, fully functional;
2. 1/1 full power output up to 400W, the largest guide number up to 56GN; with independent 35W light;
3. Recycling time up to 0.5 sec at 1/8 output, recycling time up to 3.6s at 1/1 full power output;
4. Use 3350mAh Silver NiMH batteries, maintenance-free, low loss, long life;
5. Smart charger, wide voltage design, applicable to a wide range of AC100-240V.
6. Comes with a delicate Aluminum case, provide outdoor security; the total weight of about 5.5kg, easy to carry.
How to Use:
1. Open the battery compartment cover, load in the fully charged battery;
2. Plug and tighten the power cord, turn on the power switch, the screen lights up now;
3. According to the shooting needs, switch the non-polar switch and adjust the power output;
4. When switching function, simply press the non-polar switch and change to buzzer adjustment status;
5. According to the shooting needs, plug into the PC sync cable, and use the camera hot shoe to trigger (optical control shielding automatically);
6. If you do not use flash PC sync cord, the default is optical control, the flash can be triggered (depending on the environment);
7. If need to determine if the flash output is normal, press the TEST key to check;
8. If need the light to provide auxiliary lights, turn on the light switch on the light body; please don’t use it more than five minutes each time, so as to facilitate cooling and energy conservation;
9. If do not use the portable studio light for a long time, please take out the batteries and store in dry and ventilated environment;
Maximum Power: 400W
Power Output: 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 four adjustment levels
Maximum Guide Number: 56GN
Recycling time :0.5-3 .6 s (depending on discharge intensity)
Discharge Times: about 300 times at full power and full power output
Battery Type: Silver Ni-MH battery
Battery capacity: 3350mAh
Battery Weight: 630g
Charging Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Charging Time: about 4 hours
Lamp Color Temperature: 5200K ± 5%
Net Weight: 1450g
Package Including:
1 * Shining LCD400OUTDOOR Head
1 * Portable Aluminum Case
1 * Power Control Box
1 * PC Sync Cord
1 * Smart Charger

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